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Congo, or more accurately, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is said to be the Saudi Arabia of precious minerals. Gold, silver, diamonds, copper, uranium, and other minerals are found here in huge quantities. It is this richness in high-priced minerals, along with corruption and oppression, that has brought unimaginable suffering to its people.

Today, Congo is being wracked by a calamitous civil war - a conflict that is said to be the deadliest on the planet after the Second World War. The strife which started in 1996, has already claimed 5.4 million lives, and there's no end in sight. What is fueling this unending war?

The simple answer: the world's hunger for Congo's minerals used in enormous quantity to create the every smaller cell phone batteries. One way we can help curb the gigantic demand is to recycle our cell phones and batteries, and to consider the conditions world wide before your next yearly upgrade.

Join the strugle to save the environment and bring peace to the eastern region of D.R.Congo





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